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-Long Distance Convert to Judaism/Jewish conversion.
-Post Conversion studies
-Para Rabbinic training
-Rabbinical student mentoring towards Ordination/Smicha
-Bar/Bat Mitzvah training and officiating
-Hebrew school
-Judaism for Christians who just want to learn
-Introduction course on Judaism for Jews

Plus “Have Torah will travel”–Life cycle planning and officiating: weddings, baby namings, funerals

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Esynagogue TV

Esynagogue TV

live and recorded broadcasts of JewU classes and live synagogue services

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600 videos of Jewish interest on youtube search JewU

Lectures on wide variety of Jewish subjects  check

ESYNAGOGUE.ORG The CYBER Synagogue of the Web
The mission of is to provide a quality synagogue experience in cyberspace, where people around the world can learn, pray, and grow Jewishly, under the spiritual direction.

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NJ Bathroom Remodeling Home Contractor – Why a General Contractor the Better Choice

new tiles and tub with marble countertops and oak cabinetsThere is an old saying that there is the right man for the right job.  These days, people are not going for traditional homes, but instead, having modular homes built.  While there are many professionals that can handle the task of building modular homes, a bathroom remodeling contractor in New Jersey is the best way to go because they can take on the construction work, and also make sure that every aspect of the home is taken care of before the new owner steps one foot into their brand new home.

Here is why general contractors are the best choice when it comes to the remodeling your bathroom.

General Contractors Have the Proper Licensing and Experience

Even though the majority of new bathroom parts are built in a factory, there are occasions when pieces need to be assembled on site. There are typically three kinds of construction works that still take place, and they are site work, button-up work, and site-built work.   Because these general contractors have a lot of experience with bathroom remodels, homeowners can rest assured that stacks of raw supplies will be organized into a beautiful decor, in time.

What Site Work Does A General Contractor Take Care Of?

Some homeowners want their new bathrooms to fit within the layout of their house, and general contractors are often hired so they can prepare the structure for the arrival of the bathroom.  One of the things that general contractors deal with is the clearing of the space where the bathroom will go, which includes making sure that drywall and pipes are cleared of the area.

new glass shower and marble sinks

After that’s done, the floor will be cleared where the tile will be placed. General contractors will also construct not only the foundation, but also the decorations that work with the plans.

What Is Button-up Work?

Button-up is what a general contractor takes care of after the new bathroom has been set up and built in the house. A general contractor will then have to do things like connect the wiring for the power, install the piping for water, and hook up the air conditioning and heating systems.

What Are Examples of Bathrooms

After the new tiling has been placed on the floor foundation, and the electricity, water, and air conditioning and heating systems are put in, the last phase of construction can begin, and that is site-built structures. Just what are some examples of finished bathrooms?

Depending on the design of the new bathroom, some general contractors end up building things for the homeowners like a garage, a front porch, a deck in the backyard, or even a basement.  General contractors can add the final touches to the outside of modular homes, and once those little exterior structures are complete, the home is ready to be moved into.

building process of new toilets, almost complete

General contractors are the best choice for future homeowners that want to build a new bathroom. There are some things that need to be done to prepare for the home including have a foundation laid, adding a garage, or even putting a basement into it, and general contractors can handle any task to make homeowners happy and feeling good about their new bathroom.

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My experience with Ocean Modular Group, home builders in Ocean County, NJ

My names Alex McKenna, and this is my review of working with the Ocean Modular Group, a new construction company based in Ocean County, New Jersey. I hired the team to add an extension onto my house, and having being messed around with various contractors in the past, I was apprehensive about hiring anyone to complete the work.

First meeting

I contacted the Ocean Modular Group, and from the outset they were very professional, helpful and honest. They provided me a quote in less than 3 days, and there was no pressure to hire them for the work. They guy that came over to evaluate the job was very polite, and he explained everything in detail to us so that we knew we weren’t being conned out of money by them.

When it came to work time, the company showed up on time and began work promptly. They had estimated 5 weeks for the project to be completed, but it ended up taking only 3 and a half weeks due to the large amount of commitment they gave (alongside some luck with the weather).

My wife and I, very pleased with the quality of service and construction.My wife was concerned at first about why the job only took 3 and a half weeks when we were told it would take 5 or more, but the firm explained that they had assigned an extra team member to help get the job done quickly for us. Winter was approaching, and they didn’t want us to have a large hole in our house during the winter months. This was especially important due to our child being 9 months old – This is something we really thank the Ocean Modular Group before, and they went far beyond their necessary means to get this job finished for us.

Attending to details

The group made sure that professionals were brought in to wire the electrical wires, and my wife and I feel very safe and well looked after by the entire team. I will be using the Ocean Modular Group again if I ever need construction work doing in the future (and with another child on the way, this could be a real possibility!).

As the job neared the end they didn’t start to get lazy like many builders do. The Ocean Modular Group was very well handled, and I certainly believe they are one of New Jersey’s top building contractors. I have already recommended them to various friends who are looking at having construction work completed, and from what I’ve heard, my friends are saying the same things that I said about the guys.

Happy campers

I don’t want to sound like I’m preaching for the company, but I honestly couldn’t find a fault with their service and the work they carried out. All work came with lifelong guarantees, and they even sent someone round a month later to check up on everything.

It’s small touches like this that make companies a real pleasure to work with, and the Ocean Modular Group is by far the most reliable and friendly contractor I’ve ever met from Ocean County, New Jersey.

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